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Yes, we offer a collection of original antiques guaranteed by certificates of authenticity. We make sure to verify the authenticity of each piece before offering it for sale.

We care about our customers' satisfaction, so we offer a flexible returns and exchanges policy. You can return or exchange products within 14 days of receiving them, provided that they are in their original condition. for more details

"Great experience! I purchased a small pharaoh statue as a gift for a friend, and the quality was amazing. The service was excellent and delivery was fast. I will definitely repeat the purchase."

Ahmed Khaled Designation

"The store offers a wide range of original and replica Pharaonic antiques. I purchased a hand-painted papyrus, and the details were truly amazing. The staff is very friendly and helpful."

Laila Mohammed Designation

"I bought a set of royal jewelry as a gift for my wife. The designs were very beautiful and accurately inspired by the Pharaonic civilization. Shipping was fast, but I encountered some difficulties communicating with customer service. Overall, a good experience and I will return to purchase again."

Mahmoud Abuallah Designation

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